Nov. 1st 2012
If you haven't checked out Alt Press Dec. Issue you should go and pick up a copy. In the holiday gift guide you can check out my record purse!

Also as of right now I have almost all of my items up in my store I have about 15 more items to add otherwise everything is up! New items will be added in the spring or sooner if I sell most items listed. I am currently working on 3 more t-shirts that will be completely different and louder so to say so check back for that in the spring!

June 18, 2012

So last night I got my website up and running, which if you are here then you know that already! Today I plan on starting up a kickstarter.

For those of you who do not know what a kickstarter is it a website that people pre-order you products to help fund you products.

I also plan on creating three more shirts in the next few weeks.

So please keep checking the website.